Wangen Pumps for your Biogas Plants & Anaerobic Digestion

The reliable solution, specifically for your biogas system…

Whether complex or simple, Wangen Pumpen guarantees the best solution for your biogas plant production improvement and profit maximization.

When looking for a product that can perfectly and smoothly convey your biomass materials whether it be manure from livestock farming, vegetable crops, or food waste, the Wangen pump is your to-go-to pump.

Wangen Pumpen products are your best choice for the pumps on your biogas plants and anaerobic productions. These specially designed pumps are perfect for the biogas industry due to the combined sophistication and longevity.

Wangen Pumps have the over-all process in mind…

With Wangen pumps, conveying these media types has never been easy.


Slaughterhouse Waste

Whole Plant Silage


Recirculated Products

Sugar Beets

Fish Waste

Food Waste

Cereal Shreds

Corn Silage


Liquid Manure

Leading Specialist Pump Supplier to Industry Since 1972


Beat the complexity of the Process with Wangen Pumpen…

Profit from Integration of Wangen Pump Machine to Your Existing Systems

Not only you can rely on the high-quality products that will make your biogas pumping easier and efficient than ever, but with Wangen Pumpen, you can earn more profit with the expertise of Wangen engineering and guaranteed many years of experience in getting the best out of your biogas pumping and anaerobic design needs.

With Wangen, customers are partners in getting the best solutions.

Wangen Bio-Mix pumps have been in the process of energy production for years and are globally recognised in constantly developing and optimising systems and processes.


Features fit for Maximum Production!

Today, businesses are faced with the challenge of carrying out container revisions but still maintaining the operation of the system. The solution is Wangen Pumps Bio-mix and feeds pumps.

The Wangen Hopper Feed pump is able  to cope up with the toughest biogas plants needs:

  • Cope up with long-distance and height difference
  • Extremely resistant to foreign bodies and contribute to a long lifetime of pumps
  • Consistently designed for performance and reliability


Bio Mix Substrate Pumps

Wangen Biogas Brochure

Save investment costs. Reduce energy consumption. High Process Security for your System.

Maximum Variability

Your specific design should not be a trouble at all, regardless of the industry you are at, Wangen pumps provide maximum efficient pumping solution for your business. Wangen progressive cavity pumps have a multitude of standard size construction parts available for each series and enable each pump to be adapted to meet your specific pumping requirements.

Low Life Cycle Cost

We understand that in purchasing pumps, careful consideration of operating costs and cost for the initial outlay is an important key to win. Wangen’s philosophy approach recognises this and values your business growth. With the Wangen pumps products, restrict the frequency of maintenance to a minimum.

Easy Maintenance & Fully Available

Our aim is to help you achieve trouble-free operations in your biogas plant and anaerobic production processes. We guarantee you a low-maintenance operation which is practically fault-free.

Wangen pumps spare parts are available with All Pumps Sales & Services. We only cater to the original spare parts to guarantee you a performance output that will be fully restored.

On top of all, look for a product that cares for your output and goals… a product for profit… Choose Wangen pumps…

We would be happy to assist you with constructing pumps for your biogas plant needs.


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