A Recent Tomato Paste Drum Unloading Application


The Application

Pumping tomato paste from 205lt drums into euro bins to then transfer to cooking tanks.

The Solution

Previously was using a single post drum unloader by a competitor. This system was creating a lot of wasted product due to tomato paste being left in the drum or it coming over the top of the seal.

The Graco drum unloader system has an inflatable seal preventing paste from coming over the top of the seal. It also evacuates 99.9% of the drum contents.

Project Highlights

  • Saving 2 drums of product per day with the limited wastage now.
  • If your plant doesn’t have air available you will need to look at the electric options.
  • Discharge pipework for ease of usage.

Project Pictures

Project Highlights

Graco Pumps are a well-known, reliable pump, shrinking maintenance intervals and reducing the nasty surprise of an interruption in production. Graco serves many different industries and applications, providing products for painting, gluing, building and marine applications amongst many other industrial processing applications.

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