Case StudiesPumping Water From Tunnel – Wilden AODD On Roll Frames

Pumping Water From Tunnel – Wilden AODD On Roll Frames


Pumping excess water out of underground tunnels is a challenging and dangerous process. Not only is it difficult to get equipment (pumps and pipes) in, the underground environment can also be dangerous due to the existence of flammable gases such as Methane.

These challenges are exactly what our customers have in mind, when approaching All Pumps to provide them a suitable solution.

To meet all requirements, we customised and supplied 20, galvanised roll frames mounted, Wilden 2 inch (51 mm) Aluminum AODD pumps.


Wilden AOD pumps are been supplied because

  1. they are powered only by air, thus intrinsically safe
  2. lube-free operation and easy maintenance
  3. they have the ability to run dry and self-prime

On top of that, the roll frames enabled easy transportation around the site and the frames have been galvanised to protect them from corrosion.

All Pumps supply the complete range of genuine Wilden pumps and Wilden spare parts. We are also capable of customising your pumps to suit almost any applications.