Case StudiesSolving Miner’s Headache – Wilden T20 Cast Iron AOD Pumps

Solving Miner’s Headache – Wilden T20 Cast Iron AOD Pumps


In hazardous and explosive environments, such as mines, electricity is usually not supplied as it is potentially risky and unsafe. Remote sites also do not have any power supply as it is cost inefficient to do so.

All these factors made it hard to pump fluid using traditional pumps such as centrifugal pumps or gear pumps. Fortunately, Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps usually work well under these conditions.

All Pumps supplied Wilden T20 3 inch cast iron pumps to a mining. The AOD pumps were mounted on roll frames for easy transport. The pumps also have a max flow rate of 1040Lpm, suitable for many work around the site.

All Pumps also supply Wilden spare parts. We also have loads of videos & manuals on our website.