Flap valve diaphragm pumps are designed to move fluids with large-sized solids over 1 inch. Following this function of flap valve diaphragm pumps, it is a standard for them to be made from highly durable materials to resist wear from bumping solids. 

Flap Valve AODD Pumps offer many advantages over other pumps typically used for sump applications. Standard AODD pumps use restrictive ball valves that may be clogged when handling solids. Also, unlike the flap valve AODD pumps, most sump pumps pass the fluids up through the pump chamber, against gravity which requires more force to pass large heavy solids. The use of innovative flap-type technology is the better option in these situations as it provides streaming passage of solids while minimizing clogging and downtime.

Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump Design

The overall construction of the flap valve diaphragm pump is the same as the ball valve AODD pump. But instead of a ball controlling the entrance and exit of the working fluid, a hinged flap valve is positioned at the inlet and outlet ports. 

Flap valves are more preferrable to use in pumping liquids that contain large sized solids. They also bring the advantage of generating greater suction lift, reaching up to 24 feet in water. The position of the flap valve and the diaphragm in this type of AODD pump gives it its impressive suction lift capabilities that are higher than what a ball valve design can ever generate. Also note that these capabilities are from a dry prime, making flap valve diaphragm pumps the best choice for applications with limited priming options. 

With these characteristics, flap valve pumps are the pump of choice for mud water handling in the mining and construction industries as well as wastewater handling in the petrochemical industry, sewage plants, food factories, and livestock farms.


Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump Operation

The operation of a flap-type valve diaphragm pump follows the working principle of the conventional AODD pump that commonly uses ball check valve.

Flap Valve Diaphragm Pump Benefits

  • High suction lift up to 24 feet at dry priming.
  • Easy access to serviceable components resulting in reduced downtime.
  • Easy to maintain, hence increasing productivity.
  • Impressive solid handling capabilities without clogging and wearing out.

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Powerflo has been a trusted brand locally and globally for their broad range of diaphragm pumps. Their flap valve type comes in many sizes and models to meet the exact needs of a wide variety of applications. Generally, they are suitable for pumping liquids containing large sized solids, sludge, and slurries without getting damaged.

Combining world class engineering expertise with the highest quality materials, Powerflo is optimizing heavy duty pumping to help industries increase their uptime and profitability.

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