A microbubble generator pump is a very effective way to separate suspended solids and emulsified oils from industrial waste streams. Microscopic air bubbles are produced during normal operation and mixed with waste water containing the suspended contaminants. The small bubbles attach themselves to the suspended particles, which gives them a net positive buoyancy. These buoyant clusters of particles and bubbles rise smoothly to the surface forming a float which is removed by skimming.

Microbubble Generator Design

This type of pump is an integral part of a micro bubble machine that’s specially designed for river treatment and dissolved oxygen repair. This equipment uses pure physical method to produce bubble water without adding any chemical substances. 

Micro bubble generators are popular in water treatment facilities due to their excellent purification effect, low consumption of chemicals, as well as their low maintenance and investment costs. At the same time, micro nano bubbles can greatly improve the supply of oxygen, enhance the biological activity of oxygen microorganisms, plankton and aquatic animals in the water, accelerate the degradation process of pollutants in the bottom mud of the water, and achieve the purpose of water purification.


Microbubble Generator Operation

Air and recycled “clean” effluent are introduced to the pump suction. The proportion of air/water is controlled by the operator through simple valves. Under pump discharge pressure this air effluent mixture becomes supersaturated with air micro bubbles. This enriched stream is then recycled back into the dirty effluent and fed to the micro bubble generator unit. Up to 35% air can be achieved with 100% saturation and micro bubble size smaller than 30 micron.

Microbubble Generator Benefits

  • Provides the most efficient way of detoxifying water
  • Unmatched technology in treating hard to handle fluid wastes in industries
  • Statistically proven to make communities and industries’ water cleaner
  • A non-chemical system that uses air to effect solid-liquid separation
  • Reduces solid suspension by up to 99%

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Brands we Sell, Stock & Service

You’ll know you got the right equipment when it comes from one of the pioneers. For over 70 years, NIKUNI has been designing and manufacturing pump technologies that carry Japan-quality and high performance reliability. Serving the US, European, and Asian industries, NIKUNI is among the best choice of brands of fluid handling equipment.

The NIKUNI KTM Microbubble generator is a solid example of the company’s high-tech and unique products. It is widely used by the industrial and infrastructural sectors for creating pressurized air-enriched whitewater.

The world-leading and compact NIKUNI Microbubble Generator uses a simple method to generate nano bubbles in a liquid, which is important in drinking water and pure water facilities. It utilizes the vortex pump principle to efficiently mix and dissolve gaseous products in water.

Equipped with a special impeller, NIKUNI microbubble generators are built for continuous operation that can last for decades.

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