Rainwater Storage Project Council Tafe - Delivered & Installed In 1 Day

June 13, 2021

Why waste space on your expensive property with an ugly above ground monstrosity when you can have a better solution that is out of sight? Enter the All Pumps’ Aquaflo modular underground storage system.

A large construction company approached All Pumps to provide a solution for rainwater harvesting at a council TAFE project.

The Aquaflo modular underground storage system was chosen due to its ease of installation & lightweight design. When underground, they are also safe from fire and vandalisation.

All Pumps manufactured and delivered three 30,000 litres Aquaflo tanks to the site, which were then installed on the same day.

All Pumps manufactures these Aquaflo modular tanks on site at our Silverwater factory in Sydney & has components in stock for quick delivery times.

 Aquaflo Underground Water Storage Tanks

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