Remote Campsite Required Sewage Pump Stations A.S.A.P.

Despite the difficulty in the client’s requirements, All Pumps was able to deliver the packaged pumping stations to the campsite on short notice.

The Problem

A newly constructed mine accommodation camp could not get gravity to an adjacent sewer line & required some sewage packaged pumping stations to make the camp compliant & operational. 

The campsite was located in a remote location as is typical in mining accommodation camps. Our lightweight, one-piece HDPE or FRP designs are ideal for these applications. In addition, our client was faced with serious time constraints – no time to lose! All Pumps stocks a large number of packaged pumping stations & components making quick delivery possible.

Our Solution

All Pumps was able to fulfil the customer’s requirements within the given time constraints. This was thanks to us, and our stocking of components for the modular Aquaflo tank range and a wide range of pumps, controllers, and components. The job required, in total five (5) 20,000-litre pump stations, fitted with dual guide rail mounted grinder pumps and controls, plus an additional, three (3) bare 20,000-litre tanks for additional emergency storage.

To our client’s amazement & relief, all of the pumping stations & emergency storage tanks were delivered to site within the required two (2) week period. Without our breath of resource & capability, this would be impossible. Due to the lightweight design, on-site cranage is made simple often the machine doing the excavation can be used to remove the station from transport & install.Needless to say, our client was delighted!

Project Highlights – Campsite’s Sewage Pump Station

  • The client needed pump stations on site, and in record time
  • The client had a difficult time finding pump solution providers that could deliver the project
  • The pumps were installed and the client was very happy with the speed of delivery and installation
  • All Pumps are Australia’s Packaged Pump Station experts!

Despite the difficulty in the client’s requirements, All Pumps was able to deliver packaged pumping stations on short notice.

All Pumps is Australia’s largest stockist & suppliers of packaged pumping stations. With over 30 years experience, we are Australia’s first choice supplier. The volumes we supply also ensure our prices are economical.

About Aquaflo Pump Station

Aquaflo’s modular design makes for almost unlimited configurations, suited to all types of ground installations. These underground water storage tanks are easily transportable and will withstand water pressure at depth, are easy to install with a one-piece design.Read more

All Pumps has these pumps and parts in stock and is ready to help with your requirements today.

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