Saniforce Pail Unloader Feature

June 12, 2021

Graco’s SaniForce Pail Unloaders are suitable for unloading high viscosity materials

Increase efficiency with faster change-out of containers

  • Over 99% evacuation rate of high viscosity materials
  • Sanitary flange clamps
  • Portable
  • One size follower plate and seal to accommodate 5 or 7 gallon pails
  • Prevents injuries from lifting and dumping material out of containers
  • Stainless steel construction

Pail Unloader Common Applications

Graco’s SaniForce Pail Unloaders are suitable for unloading high viscosity materials such as cosmetics, lotions & creams, icing, frosting, fondants, caramels & chocolates, peanut butter, fruit paste & fillings, and pharmaceuticals.

Pail Unloader Available Models

Part NumberFramePumpPlateWiperCertifications
SPU.A01AAA1AA0C21Stainless Steel6:1 Priming Piston316 Stainless SteelPTFE2.1 Material Certification
SPU.A01AAA1AA0C31Stainless Steel6:1 Priming Piston316 Stainless SteelPTFE3.1 Material Certification
SPU.A01AAB1AA0C21Stainless Steel6:1 Priming Piston316 Stainless SteelBuna2.1 Material Certification
SPU.A01AAB1AA0C31Stainless Steel6:1 Priming Piston316 Stainless SteelBuna3.1 Material Certification

Pail Unloader Specifications

Maximum Fluid Working Pressure650 psi (44.8 bar, 4.5 MPa)
Maximum Flow Rate4 GPM (15 LPM)
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure100 psi (6.9 bar, 0.7 MPa)
Maximum Air Consumption32 SCFM
Maximum Recommended Pump Speed60 cycles/min
Maximum Ambient Temperature (air motor)90° F (32° C)
Maximum Fluid Temperature120° F (49° C)
Fluid Outlet Size1.5 inch Sanitary Flange
Weight160 lb (72.6 kg)
Wetted Parts316 Stainless Steel, Polyethylene, Nitrile, PTFE
Operational Manual3A5400
Repair/Parts Manual3A5401

About Graco Saniforce Pail Pumps & Unloaders

Saniforce by Graco has a wide range of pail pumps, drum pumps, diaphragm pumps & bin unloaders. They are efficient, low-maintenance and suitable for a wide array of applications. Know more.

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