Stainless Steel Oil Water Separator Upgrading

The Customer

A site in Sydney requires an upgrade to their current Kwikflo stainless steel oil water separator which was previously supplied by us.

There is nothing wrong with the old oil-water separator and it’s part of a routine upgrade to ensure there is no downtime in the future.

The Objective

Due to the site’s location and application, the stainless steel oil-water separator we supplied years ago is a special build.

Our service manager, Andrew Dent, and draftsman, Jacob Begg went down to the site to inspect the site and jot down the measurements.

The Solution

Based on the drawing produced by Jacob, we manufactured and supplied a upgraded Kwikflo KCPS-15000 stainless steel oil water separator.

It is corrosion resistance and is able stay operational for a number of years.

The plumber, who installed it, commented that it fitted exactly to all the pipework connections without the slightest alteration!

Oil water separators are enhanced gravity systems required to remove oils and solids from water. Commonly used in vehicle wash stations and mechanical workshops, oily water is pumped through to an inlet chamber where solids settle out and oil immediately rises to the surface.

After the oily water is separated, an oil baffle prevents it from entering the outlet weir. The waste water is then discharged to sewer, the solids to the in-built hopper and waste oil to a drum underneath.


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