Tuthill Pump for High Volume Oil Transfer


The client needed to match an existing Ebsray gear pump as close as possible however didn’t have the budget to pay for a direct replacement.


The Tuthill Pumps are built in the USA to fantastic quality standards and are economical when replacing old gear pumps or building a new project. They have multiple configurations and the materials of construction are able to be customised from a range of different options. All this comes with a few extra features that set them apart for exceptional reliablity, such as, Internal Seal Flush Oversized Shaft Back Pull Out for Ease of Maintenance.


About Tuthill Pumps

Tuthill Pump Group has been providing positive displacement lubrication pumps for demanding OEM applications since 1927. Since that time, our product portfolio has developed to expand into a variety of markets and applications. Tuthill Pump products successfully handle applications from an extremely low-flow capacity with a high level of accuracy, to applications that are nearly solid in consistency with abrasive characteristics. Know More

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