Urgent Replacement of Broken Pump Using Jabsco Lobe

July 2, 2024


Pumps are essential equipment in nearly every food processing plant, including bakeries. They transfer challenging fluids like dough and batter, which are sensitive and viscous. These main ingredients need to be handled with optimal care to ensure a quality product. Additionally, uninterrupted processing is crucial to making good bread. For such reasons, bakeries opt for pumps with few wear parts and long MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

Jabsco manufactures hygienic pumps for the bakery industry. They have powerful lobe pumps designed to transfer batter with minimal to zero shears and longer MTBF. Being the leading supplier of Jabsco pumps in Australia, we provided a bakery client with a reliable solution for pumping batter.


A bakery had an urgent breakdown on its existing batter pump, which is used to transfer dough made of abrasive flour. The pump continuously burnt out seals, leading to seal replacement as often as every few days of running the pump. These frequent breakdowns caused the client costly repairs and wasted time, greatly affecting their bottom line.

The Solution

All-Pumps had Jabsco lobe pumps in stock, enabling us to deliver a replacement pump to the client’s site in just a few days.
  • A Jabsco lobe pump solved our bakery client’s problem with frequent pump breakdowns and seal replacement.
  • A Jabsco lobe pump solved our bakery client’s problem with frequent pump breakdowns and seal replacement.

Project Highlights

Rely on Jabsco rotary lobe pumps for pulsation-free handling of all process fluid types, regardless of viscosity. Designed for easy maintenance and long service life, these pumps have a wide performance envelope to meet a broad range of process requirements while maximising uptime and ensuring product quality and plant productivity.

  • Reliable, high-performance, low-maintenance pumps for continuous processing with minimal to zero unplanned production stops
  • High-quality end-product due to gentle, low-shear pumping
  • Compliance with hygienic standards for general, food-grade and pharmaceutical requirements
  • Versatile, efficient pumping of low-, medium- and high-viscosity fluids
  • Wide range of quality seals to choose from to suit every application requirement\

The new Jabsco batter pump solved our bakery client’s problem with frequent seal replacement. It has been running efficiently for a month now, providing the client with a reliable and consistent solution.

A Jabsco lobe pump solved our bakery client’s problem with frequent pump breakdowns and seal replacement.

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