Self-priming pumps are a type of centrifugal pump that use an air-water mixture to reach a fully-primed pumping condition. It is used in many applications including sewage, construction dewatering and flood control.

All Pumps stocks a wide range of self-priming pumps such as Gorman Rupp.

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For more than 80 years, Gorman-Rupp has manufactured high quality pumps and pumping systems required for lasting service in the municipal, wastewater, sewage, industrial, construction, petroleum and OEM markets.

All Pumps has been distributing and supporting Gorman-Rupp Pumps in a wide range of industries throughout Australia for many years.


REMKO is quickly becoming the go-to brand of Australian industries that need high-quality self-priming pumps. They offer custom-designed pump units to fulfil the exact requirements of different applications including industrial waste treatment, sewage handling, flood water handling, fire fighting, solids handling, manure slurry, petrochemical, trade waste dewater, sludge transfer, and environmental cleanup. 

Each pump made by Remko undergoes rigorous quality testing and retesting to ensure that clients receive a unit with optimum condition and reliable, robust operation. They see to it that their pump experts do extensive research when designing pump solutions and that their facility use the latest pump manufacturing technology to achieve those goals.  

Their range of self-priming pumps includes: 

    • RS Series 
    • RT Heavy Duty Trash Pumps 
    • RTH Hi-Pressure Trash Pumps 
    • RCMT Trash Pump 

All of which are made from the highest quality materials, giving them the advantage of longer operational life and MTBF. They are rugged enough to withstand large-solid pumping and gas entrained solids. Using a mixture of air and water, the REMKO self-priming pumps achieve fully primed pumping condition. 

Is Remko the answer to your pumping problems? Fill up our contact form and one of our pump experts will get in touch with you to help you decide on the right self-priming pump for your application. 

Convenient Use. Simple Operation. Reliable Performance

Nexus is quickly establishing a name as a diversified brand of highly engineered pumps for a range of industries. The brand’s true self-priming pumps are surface-mounted pumps designed to draw water from below without the need for a non-return valve. They can handle more viscous liquids such as oils, creams, chemicals, and other foodstuffs.

Some of the reasons why industries in Australia turn to Nexus for their fluid transfer need include:

  • Pump’s ability to handle entrained gasses 
  • Prime for up to 30 minutes without drawing liquid
  • Reliable and do not rely on additional valves to function
  • Far easier to maintain than a submersible pump which is immersed in the liquid and may need confined space training to maintain. 
  • Can be operated when not entirely filled, and can automatically overcome any problems when air mixes with the fluid, saving considerable time compared to manually priming the pump.

Businesses in the energy, agriculture, mining, chemical, marine duty, sewage, and construction sectors are the biggest users of Nexus self-priming pumps.

The brand’s self-priming range comes in two types. Read about the single-stage auto priming and self-priming trash pumps by Nexus HERE to check whether your system is compatible with their specifications.

Proud Australian. Made For Real Australian Challenges

Why look further when Australia has its very own reputable pump manufacturer. Aussie Pumps is a fast-growing maker of high-quality industrial pumps. It’s slowly making a name in the international pump market with several companies overseas using their products.

The GMP self-priming pump series of Aussie Pumps is especially recognized for their innovative design, simple performance, and use of the finest materials to handle even the most demanding fluid transfer requirements without damaging.

Now ISO certified! Aussie Pumps is ISO 9001 certified, ensuring each of its products are engineered to satisfy its clients.

The GMP Series comes in a wide range of selection to deliver more functionality for every application. Each range comes with their own rejuvenation kit so servicing can be done easier and faster.

Available in 7 series, the AUSSIE GMP self priming pump range always has a solution for your fluid handling needs. Let’ help you find the right model. Click HERE to see the AUSSIE GMP pump selections and their full specifications.