Submersible Pump Kits


Sewage, stormwater and waste water pumps are used to transport waste, stormwater or sewer to a place of treatment at a higher elevation, meaning they are usually submersed in a wet well. Wet wells can consist of concrete poured in situ or packaged pump stations moulded in concrete polyethylene or fibreglass.

Kwikflo Submersible Pump Kit

All Pumps packaged pump stations are fully fitted out prior to installation and are easy to install on site with great savings. Submersible pumps can be mounted on slide rails making the removal of pumps at time of servicing quick, safe and easy. Where the operation of multiple pumps is required an All Pumps controller gives you unique features such as even pump run times, anti-seize, coded pump failure alarms, and comprehensive Building Management System data. Submersible pumps are used in domestic and commercial applications as well as Council pump stations and sewage treatment plants. Major brands of waste and sewage pumps include Sabre and Javelin.

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