FRP Pump Stations

Fibre Reinforced Plastics (composites, commonly known as fibreglass) offer advantages over all other materials currently used in the manufacture of pump stations.

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Why FRP?

Fibre Reinforced Plastics (composites, commonly known as fibreglass) offer advantages over all other materials currently used in the manufacture of pump stations.

Considering that composites are now part of our everyday lives, they are of course taken for granted. However, the benefits of composites for commercial and manufacturing industries are still being realised. They have a growing track record in creating proven material solutions that perform robustly in the most demanding environments.

Due to their pioneering technology, composites are at the forefront of breakthrough solutions.

Composite materials have been used extensively in the space shuttle, military defences, civil structures (such as bridges), and more recently, 50% of the construction of the 787 Dreamliner.

You can have peace of mind knowing that All Pumps pump stations are 100% FRP.

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Fibreglass Pump Stations

All Pumps Fibreglass Pump Stations & Emergency Storage tanks are manufactured as a one-piece construction to exact project specifications. Delivered to site as a complete unit with a simple installation process, All Pumps Fibreglass Pump Stations are engineered to withstand internal and external loadings across all ground conditions.

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  • Commissioning
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This enables you to deal with one supplier from concept to maintenance.

    • Design & Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Lifting & Excavation Briefs
    • On-site Installation Training
    • On-site Delivery
    • Supervision
    • Guaranteed Seal Integrity
    • Full drawing services
    • Fully qualified in-house mechanical & electrical team
    • Complete Quality Assurance in-house
    • On-site commissioning
    • Operation & Maintenance Training
    • After Sales Service & Warranty


    The design, construction and appropriateness of design methodology of all FRP structures is verified and within the bounds of AS2634:1983, BS4994 and ASME RTP-1. The general construction of the station is as follows:

    • Internal Corrosion Barrier Contact Moulded 0.5mm “C” Glass Veil Surface layer with Hetron 922 (or equivalent) Vinyl Ester Resin
    • Internal Corrosion Barrier Backing Layers 2.5mm ‘E’ Glass Chop Strand tie layer with Hetron 922 (or equivalent) Vinyl Ester Resin
    • Structural Laminate ‘E’ Glass reinforcement in chopped and continuous strands. Minimum glass content 50% (Thickness according to Design requirements)
    • Structural Stiffeners Polyurethane Foam rib former overlaid with ‘E’ Glass reinforcement in chopped and continuous strands. Minimum glass content 50% ( Size and Thickness according to Design requirements)
    • External Surface – Sealer Pigmented ISO/NPG Flowcoat for external protection
    • Internal Corrosion Barrier Backing Layers 2.5mm ‘E’ Glass Chop Strand tie layer with Hetron 922 (or equivalent) Vinyl Ester Resin

    Minimum Standards of Design and Construction shall be:

    • BS4994 – 1987 Design & Construction of vessels & tanks in reinforced plastics
    • AS2634 – 1983 Chemical Plant equipment in GRP
    • AS1546 – 1983 Underground Tank design
    • AS1770 – 1981 Loading Code

    Material Properties

    All material mechanical properties are in accordance with international standard BS4994 and are suitable for the intended design and anticipated service conditions.All structures are Designed, Engineered and Verified.

    All Pump stations have been individually engineered to handle the toughest environmental situations.Proven in the toughest environments including installations in volcanic soils and high water tables.



    Submersible Pump Features

    • Premium efficiency motors in accordance with IEC 60034-30. Level IE3 with testing in accordance with IEC60034-2-1
    • Designed for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) operation.
    • ATEX, FM and CSA certified motors available as option. Versatile types of sensors optional available, such as for thermal, moisture and vibration detection.
    • Significant carbon footprint reduction and increased lifetime by low winding temperature rise.
    • Minimum life 50,000 h for motors up to 9 kW and minimum 100,000 h for motors larger than 11 kW
    • This technology has been specialy engineered to handle tough requirements, such as reduced water consumption and higher rag and solid content
    • Highly reliable and efficient impeller design with single and multi-vane models to ensure exceptional blockage resistance, solid passage min. 75 mm and greater
    • Optimum balance of impeller vane numbers and solids handling, based on extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research and testing
    • Market leading efficiency, without compromising on solid size and rag handling.
    • Minimizes deflection at mechanical seal to < 0.05 mm/0.002 inches.
    • Increased safety against fatigue fractures.
    • Silicon carbide/silicon carbide (SiC/SiC) provides maximum resistance from abrasives.
    • Seal blockage prevention reduces operational costs.
    • SiC/SiC is chemically resistant in wastewater and most other industrial applications.
    • Reduces radial forces and shaft deflection.
    • Maximizes the life of bearings and shaft seals, thereby reducing lifecycle costs.
    • Significant energy savings throughout lifetime.
    • Blockage free operation.
    • Adjustment of the bottom plate restores pump efficiency.
    • Maintains efficient rag handling throughout its lifetime.

    XRipper XRP

    Pump Stations Offer

    Access Covers

    All Pumps standard access covers are manufactured from 6 mm checker plate using aluminium marine grade 5052 in H32 temper with triple grip finish with recessed hinges and lifting handles that are light to lift and cannot fall into the wet -well or valve pit.

    Fall Protection Gates

    Inline Sewage Grinder

    The XRipper XRP inline grinder is the ideal solution for your wastewater, sludge and sewage grinding needs. With a motor mounted above the XRipper grinding shafts, the required footprint is kept to a minimum and allows for simple installation even in narrow shafts.


    • Economical shredding of solid and disruptive matter such as wet wipes, wood, fabric, trash, and waste.
    • Efficient protection for pumps and system components from clogging, blockages, and damage.
    • Always ready for operation thanks to straightforward maintenance.
    • Added reliability thanks to cartridge mechanical seal technology.

    Control Panels

    Designed to comply with water authority & council requirements, All Pumps control systems are manufactured to AS3000 electrical specifications.

    From small wall mounted units to purpose engineered & built freestanding units, we offer the ultimate solution for service, reliability & ease of operation.

    • Built to AS3000
    • Range of cabinet materials from powder coated aluminium to marine grade stainless steel.
    • Electrically factory tested.

    Water Services Association Of Australia (WSAA) Appraisal

    The Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) accredits All Pumps Sales and Service for their FRP Sewage Pumping Stations and Emergency Storage Tanks.

    All Pumps Sales and Service – FRP Sewage Pumping Stations and Emergency Storage Tanks

    The WSAA National Product Appraisals program is a voluntary scheme introduced by the Water Services Association of Australia to provide a single coordinated appraisal of a product’s technical conformity to the needs of the urban water businesses. It was developed with industry assistance, and draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the urban water businesses and industry.

    Our Projects

    Case Study #1

    Rainwater Storage Project For Council TAFE – Delivered & Installed In 1 Day
    Why waste space on your expensive property with an ugly above ground monstrosity when you can have a better solution that is out of sight? Enter the All Pumps’ Aquaflo modular underground storage system.

    Case Study #2

    Custom-Built Frp (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) Pump Station Built For A Customer’s Portable Building
    The customer needed a custom-built FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic) pump station for its sewage to fit under a portable building.

    The pump station was fitted with two free standing Sabre sewage grinder pumps and it was also issued with a control panel to be mounted on the building.

    Case Study #3

    Packaged Storm Water Pump Station For A Flood Mitigation Project
    All Pumps Sales & Service have recently supplied a very unique custom designed Fibreglass (FRP) Packaged Storm Water Pump Station for a Flood Mitigation Project for a School in Far North Queensland.

    Case Study #4

    Custom-Built Sewage Pump Station Installed At The Gold Coast
    The contractor wanted a one piece “drop in” unit complying with Gold Coast City Council requirements.This sewage pump station was 2.0 metres diameter x 7.0 metres deep fitted with 900 x 900 integral valve chamber, aluminium checker plate lids complete with safety grates, the customer also requested a sewage muncher on the pump inlet which was installed on guide rails – giving the vendor peace of mind that any foreign objects or debris entering the pit is chopped in pieces prior to entering the pumps.

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