Tuthill - Circumferential Piston Process Pump

Tuthill Circumferential Process Pump

Tuthill Process Pumps

Built On A Time-Tested Design & More Than 90 Years Of Gear Pump Engineering Experience

Tuthill offers the Heavy Duty (HD) Series for the most demanding applications – slurries, high viscosity products, suspended solids, concentrated acids, chemicals, high-temperature liquids, sludge, resins, sewage and scum, paints, polymers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, foods, and shear sensitive fluids.

Tuthill Process Pump

This rotary positive displacement, circumferential piston pump is Tuthill’s severe-duty problem solver. Heavy-duty construction provides longer life in the toughest pumping applications.


The secret behind the HD Series success is external bearing support on both sides of the impellers which enables the pump to handle high pressure and pressure spikes associated with sudden surges of viscous mass. The load diagrams below show the rigid HD design compared to cantilevered designs with shaft deflections that can result in galling and seizing of the pump.

Globalgear Design Features for extended seal life Include:

  • Flow Range to 520 GPM (118 M3/Hr)
  • Differential Pressure to 450 PSI (31.0 BAR)
  • Viscosity to 4,400,000 cts
  • Temperature to 600 °F (315 °C)
  • Self Priming to 14 Feet
TUTHILL HD with bearing support on both sides of impellers
Competitor's Cantilevered designs and resulting shaft deflection heavy duty slurry seal

Customizing Your Tuthill HD Pump

HD Pumps are very versatile and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications. Suction and discharge ports can be reversed by changing shaft rotation.

Optional Features:

  • Heat Jackets
  • Relief Valves
  • Special Clearances
  • High Pressure Flanges
  • Special Construction: Abrasive Fluid, High Temperatures

The HD Advantage

Single Lobe Impellers

Single lobe impellers provide maximum strength for highly viscous fluids and slurries, along with high discharge pressure and minimal shear characteristics on fluids

  • External timing gears in separate oil filled reservoir provides no metal to metal contact synchronous impeller action that reduces shear and allows intermittent run dry without damage to the pump
  • Oil lubricated roller bearings provide support for maximum radial loading in models 70A, 120A, 330, and 600.
  • Constant diameter shafts (no steps in torque transmission areas) for maximum strength and minimum deflection.
  • Housing bushing, positioned under maximum radial load, assuring minimum shaft deflection.
  • A selection of sealing solutions is offered including TUFFSEALL™ heavy duty mechanical seals, and packing.
  • Housing and gear case are foot mounted to minimize distortion and vibration.
  • Heavy duty, grease lubricated, double-row ball bearings for combined radial loading and axial positioning.
  • Casings and gear case are precision machined and dowel pin aligned. Procedure results in full interchangeability should field replacement be required.

No Metal-To-Metal Contact In The Completely Isolated Fluid Chamber

Top impeller has started suction cycle and is completing the discharge cycle.
Lower impeller is transferring liquid from the suction to the discharge side of the pump.
The top impeller completes suction cycle.
Lower impeller starts to discharge.
The top impeller is transferring liquid from suction to discharge.
Lower impeller has started the suction cycle and is finishing the discharge cycle.
The top impeller is starting discharge cycle.
Lower impeller is finishing suction cycle.

Cartridge Lip Seal Technology has been successfully applied to a number of HD pump applications to address the requirements of leak free performance with intermittent run dry conditions. Optional power monitors are offered as run dry protection and are recommended for use with single mechanical seals where run dry conditions are possible.

Sealing Options

  • TUFFSEALLTM (Triple Lip Cartridge Seal)
  • Food Grade Packing
  • Packing with Flush Arrangements
  • Standard PTFE / Graphite Packing
  • Single or Double Slurry Seals
  • Solvent Compatible O-Rings
  • Engineered Packing

Specification Data

modelflow rateMaximum DifferentialMaximum SpeedWeight

CAUTION: The fluid being pumped must always be specified. Applications above 200 PSI (13.8 BAR), 350 ºF (177 ºC), or 200 RPM must be reviewed by Tuthill to insure proper pump selection.

Standard Materials Of Construction

  • HOUSING: Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Steel
  • HOUSING BEARING: DU/Bronze in Model 330, Carbon
  • FACEPLATE: Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Steel
  • FACEPLATE BEARING: Outboard Ball Bearing
  • IMPELLERS: Ductile Iron, 316 Stainless Steel
  • SHAFTS: 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • GEAR CASE: Gray Iron


70A 120A, & 330
Model T1 T2 CP D L N
70A 3 76 2 51 24 7⁄16 620 8 1⁄2 216 12 7⁄8 327 3 1⁄2 89
120A 4 102 3 76 24 7⁄16 620 8 1⁄2 216 12 3⁄8 315 3 1⁄2 89
330 5 127 4 102 29 15⁄32 748 10 3⁄4 273 14 9⁄32 363 4 102
600 6 152 6 152 36 9⁄16 929 13 3⁄4 349 18 9⁄16 471 5 7⁄16 138
Model O U X Y Z
70A 13 1⁄4 337 1 7⁄8 48 6 1⁄4 159 4 3⁄4 121 2 1⁄2 64
120A 13 1⁄4 337 1 7⁄8 48 6 1⁄4 159 4 3⁄4 121 2 1⁄2 64
330 16 7⁄8 429 2 1⁄4 57 8 203 6 1⁄8 156 3 3⁄16 81
600 20 1⁄4 514 2 1⁄2 64 9 229 9 229 3 1⁄2 89

About Tuthill Pump Group

Tuthill pump logo

Tuthill Pump Group has been providing positive displacement lubrication pumps for demanding OEM applications since 1927. Since that time, our product portfolio has developed to expand into a variety of markets and applications. Tuthill Pump products successfully handle applications from an extremely low-flow capacity with a high level of accuracy, to applications that are nearly solid in consistency with abrasive characteristics.

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