Wangen Twin Screw Pump: Resolving Pancake Batter Transfer Challenges

May 22, 2023


All-Pumps designed a pump set consisting of a Wangen twin screw pump and gear motor for a bakery manufacturing process customer. The assembly replaced the customer's old, inefficient pump they used to transfer pancake batter.


Initially, a bakery customer utilized a European OEM lobe pump. Unfortunately, it would not transfer their pancake batter to the oven due to an incorrect pump selection during the design phase. Subsequently, the actual process changed because the pancake batter was colder and thicker than initially anticipated. The existing pump could not meet the new transfer conditions, which slowed the whole operation and caused the bakery to miss their production quotas.


All-Pumps visited the site and identified the existing pump's constraints. The unit had limited ability to pump within the range of flows needed for the given range of viscosities. Our application engineers reviewed the system with the customer’s production and engineering managers and analysed pipework losses, pressures, flows, and the suction/feed set-up.

Given the data collected, our team recommended a custom, German-built "Wangen Twin Screw Pump" to increase the transfer time from the mixer to the storage tank. We chose the NG 70 model with vertical orientation to overcome cavitation, along with a special gear motor and pitched screw to maximise torque and minimise slip during extreme flow parameters of the flows. The pump set was commissioned into the customer’s VSD control automation software.

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Project Highlights & Results

Compatibility + Conformance

Our thorough pump selection process and large inventory significantly contributed to this project's success. We chose a Wangen twin screw pump with the proper specifications for pumping the customer's viscous and cold pancake batter. The Wangen pump was also compatible with their existing equipment, which made installation easy. As a result, the new pump set overcame the customer’s tricky situation.

All-Pumps has access to over 18.5 million pump configurations and renowned brands like Wangen. This allows us to develop tailored solutions for our customer's unique application requirements.

Better Pump Performance

The Wangen Twin NG screw pump provides a reliable solution for gently feeding high-viscosity media like the customer's pancake batter. We used the NG 70 food-grade model for this application to transfer thick pancake batter at low temperatures efficiently and quickly.

After running the new pump, the customer reported a very satisfactory outcome, as they can now exceed their production expectations. With the same settings as their old pump, the Wangen twin screw pump reportedly transfers their pancake batter twice faster as the previous. The customer will also benefit from lower maintenance costs in the long run, thanks to the new generation Wangen twin screw pump's fast-X-change® technology.

Speedy Customisation and Installation

With the bare Wangen twin screw pump in stock and ready for modification at our warehouse, we assembled and delivered the custom pump set – complete with a gear motor – ready for installation and start-up within four weeks. This meant a speedy recovery for the customer.

With 50 years of experience in pump supply and service, we honed our expertise in selecting the best pumps for different applications. All-Pumps has a local stock of various pump brands and models at our warehouses. This enables us to deliver timely orders to help our customers return to production quickly.

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