Dual Air Diaphragm Pump System For Sea Water Application


The Problem

A client required a dual AOD pump system, on polypropylene base, which was to be used for pumping sea water with occasional solids from a 3 metre deep sump pit.

Our Solution

Sea water is extremely corrosive and thus all parts of the pump system had to be corrosive resistant.

We designed, manufactured and assembled a pump system consisting of two Graco Husky 2200 polypropylene AOD pumps with neoprene elastomers complete with suction-discharge pipework and air inlet pipework, all mounted on a polypropylene base.

Highlight Of The Project - Dual AOD Pump System For Sea Water Application

  1. The complete pump system apart from air inlet pipework was manufactured in polypropylene including the base as requested by the client. Air inlet pipework was manufactured in 316SS.
  2. Pumps suction and discharge pipework complete with valves were uPVC schedule 80 to suit the client’s requirement.
  3. The system also included stainless steel solenoid valves and filter regulators for air inlet pipework to control pump operation.


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