Case StudiesWilden PX4 AOD Pump – Installed On A Trailer For Great Mobility

Wilden PX4 AOD Pump – Installed On A Trailer For Great Mobility

We recently supplied a Wilden PX4 AOD Pump to a customer who is always on the run.

Since an AOD pump is powered only by compressed air, it was fitted on a trailer and provided great mobility.

Air operated pumps are extremely versatile and able to perform well under different environments.

Due to their versatility, air operated diaphragm pumps are suitable for use in a wide range of industries such as energy, process, chemicals, hygienic and wastewater.

AOD Pumps’ Capabilities

Ability To Run Dry

Run dry refers to the ability to continue operating, without damaging the pump, when there is no fluid.

This is a very useful feature to have, when the pumping application may result in varying & inconsistent suction conditions.

Ability To Self-Prime

Most pumps need to be primed or, in layman terms, get ready for operation.

Having the ability to self-prime means AODD pumps have shorter start-up time and  be fully operational quicker.


The ball & seat/ check-valve design allows the pump to pass solid particles. This is beneficial in a wide range of applications such as pumping slurries or food products with seeds.


Diaphragm pumps are simple, non-technical & require no specialist training for maintenance. There are no special clearances or tools required for pump repairs.


Air motors do not require external lubrication for operation.


No electrical power or auxiliary requirements mean that an air operated diaphragm pump is intrinsically safe and can be operated in many hazardous situations/ applications like underground coal mines.