Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pumps Post

June 12, 2021
  • Based on technology that Jabsco first patented over 80 years ago
  • The output flow is smooth, steady and pulsation-free
  • The gentle pumping action will not break down shearsensitive or fragile liquids
  • Cream fillings, jams, sauces and pie fillings that contain fruit pieces are handled with ease

Ease of Maintenance

  • Single moving part (the impeller) greatly simplifies maintenance
  • Just four screws to remove the end cover for easy inspection and replacement of impeller if necessary
  • Four more screws allows access to maintain mechanical seals

Rugged Design

  • 316 SS wetted parts, standard on Jabsco Flexible Impeller Pumps
  • Long-life, durable flexible impellers
  • Market-leading mechanical seals are external to pumped media
  • High grade large bearings in pedestal pump variants
  • Wide diameter precision ground shafts
  • Design allows pump to pass hard particles, such as bones and seeds, without stalling

Installation Benefits

  • Compact pump size – more space efficient than alternative pumping technologies
  • Reversible operation – makes the pump adaptable to differing situations
  • High dry-priming ability of up to five meters – allowing for convenient and safe installation positions for bulk transfer and decanting

Especially Suited For:

  • Ingredient unloading and transfer
  • Tank filling and emptying
  • Recirculation and mixing
  • Portion and container filling
  • Sampling, filtration and more
  • Brine injection

Applications Include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Personal care products and cosmetics
  • Industrial fluid products

Features & Options

  • Dry self-priming
  • Chemically compatible 316 grade stainless steel parts
  • Polished internal surfaces
  • Hygienic elastomer impeller leaves no taste or odor
  • Standard and hard face mechanical seals
  • Flushing arrangement for mechanical seals
  • Elastomer materials certified to latest US 3A Standard and FDA, EN1935: 2004 for EPDM and nitrile compounds
  • Pump design certified to latest US 3A Standard
  • Variety of port and impeller material options
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • Serviceable end covers, wear plates, impellers, mechanical seals, shafts bearings
  • 3A variants with hygienic impeller compounds
  • Port options – tri-clamp, IDF, ACME 3A, DIN 11851, SMS, RJT

28 Series Flexible Impeller Pumps

The simple design of the 28 series, along with a wide offering of options, ensures there is a variant for every application along with the assurance of long life.

28 Series Flexible Impeller Pumps Technical Specifications

* Check hydraulics when handling viscous fluids.
This is an approximate selection guide only. Full details of flow, pressure, viscosity and suction conditions are required to enable exact selection.

About Jabsco

Jabsco pumps by Xylem have been in the industry for over 40 years, manufacturing industrial pumps for a wide variety of applications. Jabsco HyLine and Ultima positive displacement rotary lobe pumps are designed to pump delicate, viscous and particle-laden fluids as well as thin liquids which require an all stainless steel pump. The design of Jabsco Lobe Pumps is influenced by some fundamental engineering principles and it is useful to understand these first to ensure their most effective selection and operation.

All Pumps has been importing, servicing and supplying Jabsco pumps in Australia for 20 years and support the full Jabsco range of pumps and spare parts.

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