Abaque Hose Pump Project For Mining Client

Client: Mining Client
October 16, 2023


Pumps play a crucial role as slurry handling solutions in mine sites, and many companies still use the wrong pumping solution, affecting their profit and productivity. Such was the case with our recent customer with their flimsy hose pump. We understand that navigating through technical obstacles of the mining industry can be a challenge but getting it right would also mean a significant reduction in costs and improvement in performance. With our extensive experience, we were able to give the customer a more reliable hose pump for mining.


We are often contacted by mining engineers experiencing problems with their current pump installations. As for the case of our recent customer, they needed a replacement for their old Bredel hose pump, which was not durable enough given the harsh conditions on the mine site. With the low-quality construction of the said pump, the customer would go on hours of breakdown, affecting their timeline and bottom line.


We supplied an Abaque hose pump (also peristaltic or peristaltic hose pump) made in France that is suitable for slurries on a mine site. Abaque hose pumps use durable materials like Buna-N (NBR) and natural rubber (NR), known for high wear and abrasion resistance. Additionally, Abaque hose pumps are easy to maintain as the hose is the only wearing component. This also means keeping spare parts is a simple and low-cost process, and maintenance can also be performed on-site in very little time.

Abaque Hose Pump for Mining Slurry

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