Self-Contained Process Water Booster Pump System For Local Mine


The Problem

A local mine required a process water pump with the ability to maintain constant system pressure despite the fluctuations the discharge system may experience.


In order to fulfil that requirement the pump needed to:

  • Be controlled by a Variable Speed Drive (VSD);
  • Contain an accumulator to maintain constant system pressure

The pump, accumulator and all associated instrumentation had to be provided as a complete self-contained package on a single base frame.

Our Solution

All Pumps Sales & Service designed and supplied the complete system for the client requested application.

The pump system uses a Southern Cross ISO Sovereign centrifugal pump. The pump is then coupled to an IP66 motor, after which they are mounted on a galvanised steel base along with discharge pipework.


The discharge pipework includes:

  • IFM SI5006 flow switch,
  • EJA530E pressure transmitter,
  • And valves connected to the pressure accumulator.

To complete the project, the discharge pipework was also painted to the color specification provided by the client

Project Highlights - Process Water Booster Pump

The pump system was designed according to the needs of the mine. Here are some of its capabilities:

  • Control Logic: The pump system involves the accumulator to maintain pressure in the process water discharge system while no water is being used;
  • The pump does not cycle on or off excessively to account for leakages or small intermittent discharges of the process water;
  • When the pressure in the accumulator drops below a set level, the VSD starts the pump to maintain the system pressure at the pre-set level;
  • A detection system called the flow switch allows the detection of no-flows. This allows the pump to stop running if the no-flow is longer than the allocated pre-set duration.
  • After the flow switch detects no-flow for a pre-set time duration, the pump stops running;
  • This allows the accumulator to keep providing the required pressure needed for the task;
  • And the pump is designed and coloured according to client specification.

About Southern Cross

SOUTHERN CROSS is a long running business supplying some of the highest quality and most reliable pumping and fluid storage equipment to Australian, New Zealand and International customers. Together with All Pumps expertise in custom built solutions, we can put together comprehensive solutions for complex problems.

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