Graco’s SaniForce drum unloaders can evacuate medium to high viscosity products from their original 55-gallon (208 l) containers, in less than 5 minutes – without diluting the material.

Exhaust routing and retention ensures safety of food product

• Routing of the pneumatic exhaust through the tube and down the frame ensures that any potential food product contamination from pneumatic exhaust is avoided. This provides an extra level of safety to protect the integrity of the ingredient being transferred.

  • Graco’s piston pump technology is ideally suited for drum unloading applications. During normal operation the pumps mounted on a drum unloading system will have to prime at the beginning of the drum/container and will be expected to run dry at the bottom of a drum to provide full evacuation of both drum and, as much as possible, the outlet lines. Many other electric pump technologies are not suited for repeated self-priming or dry-running, either of which could cause extensive pump damage.
  • High pressure fluid output of up to 1,200 psi means Graco’s piston pump technology can transfer the thickest of food ingredients. This is important because material that are being evacuated with drum unloading ram system are higher viscosity, typically 100,000 cps to 2,000,000+, which is why they require the ram unloading system. For efficient pumping, smaller lines, or longer distances, higher pressure pump outputs are required to overcome the pressure loss in the lines inherent with high viscosity material.
  • Pump options for check systems such as double-ball and priming-piston, provide options for whatever the material characteristics are of the food ingredient being transferred.

  • Full stainless steel wash-down frame available for the most stringent of food, personal care, and pharmaceutical production environments.
  • Wider RAM posts allow for pass through of a two-drum “Euro-style” pallet without airline or frame interference.
  • Additional accessories available for system, such as caster kit for portability and drum dolly/ramp for easy loading of drums.
  • Carbon steel frame available for applications that do not require a fully food grade system

  • Graco’s new electronic controlled drum unloader provides automation of the unloading sequence minimizing required operator interaction. This allows operators to multi-task easier with more consistent operation from shift to shift.
  • Batch output capable with connection to user flow meter or scale. Automates process of measuring, removing operator guess work for system start/stop points.
  • Ingredient and end product recipes can be stored which auto-load system pressures and store batch volumes for different recipes.
  • Tracks and reports usage volumes and job volumes for increased quality control when connected to a measurement device for batch mode

  • Updated control boxes provide three options for users and allow for the configurability of the system for whatever your plant requirements may be.
  • Key control set points have been relocated inside enclosure to prevent unnecessary adjustment during day-to-day operation.
  • New control boxes feature sloped top design to comply with the latest in food grade sanitation standards to provide full run-off.
  • Pneumatic options are now approved for operation in hazardous location where solvents are prevalent.
  • Larger enclosures provide for easier serviceability and adjustments.

  • New safety stop prevents any potential safety concerns of the ram plate falling or being lowered when a user is loading or unloading a new drum of material.
  • Safety stop components are all stainless steel construction and wash-down compatible when being cleaned.

  • Inflatable seal style adapts to almost any drum size and shape, even compatible with dented and slightly damaged drums.
  • New plate and seal design eliminates flat or concave option making specification for high viscosity products easier than ever.
  • Slight increases in plate diameter prevent seal “pull-off” when raising ram and “roll-over” when pushing down on high viscosity material.
  • Inflatable seal provides the cleanest option with zero fasteners and simplest cleaning.
  • Plate and seal options completely seal drum and material from airborne contaminants preventing the introduction of bacterial or other items when compared to scooping and dumping options.
  • Optional wiper seal available for price conscious end users — not recommended when using multiple drum styles/sizes.

SaniForce Drum Unloaders


Common Applications

Unload medium to high viscosity products, up to 500,000 cps, from 55-gallon containers without diluting the material.

Common Applications

  • Tomato paste
  • Peanut butter
  • Toothpaste
  • Cosmetics
  • Jams and jellies
  • Corn syrup

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