Fire-Ball 300 Pumps

  • Corrosion-resistant design utilizes liquid salt nitriding, nickel plating, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome on key components for longer life
  • Few moving parts in the air motor assembly means less downtime and low repair cost
  • Displacement rods have minimal wear due to a proprietary Graco manufacturing process
  • Large air porting design provides efficient use of compressed air supply for continuous pump operation without icing
  • Thick cast aluminum air motor housing offers unmatched durability
5:1 Fire-Ball 300 Pumps
Maximum fluid working pressure 62 bar, 6.2 MPa
Fluid Pressure Ratio 5:1
Air pressure operating range 2.8 to 12 bar, 0.28 to 1.2 MPa
Maximum air consumption 0.096 cubic m/min for first lpm pumped at 0.7 MPa, 7 bar, up to 0.058 additional cubic m/min for each additional lpm with pump operated within recommended range
Pump cycles per gallon (liters) 7.9 per l
Recommended speed for optimum pump life 70 cycles per min
Wetted Parts steel, aluminum, buna-N, urethane
Sound pressure level (measured at 1 m from unit) 77.8 dB(A)Sound
Sound power level (tested in accordance with ISO 9614–2) 85.6 dB(A)
Approximate Weight 7.7 kg
15:1 Fire-Ball 300 Pumps
Maximum working pressure 186 bar
Fluid Pressure Ratio 15:1
Air pressure operating range 3 to 12 bar
Air motor effective diameter 76 mm
Stroke 76 mm
Air consumption 0.476 sq m/l at 7 bar. Up to 0.84 sq m/min with pump operated at 12 bar and 66 cycles/min
Pump cycles 24 cycles/l
Delivery 3 l/min
Maximum recommended continuous pump speed 66 cycles/min, 32 l/min
Recommended speed for optimum pump life 15 to 25 cycles/min
Wetted parts Carbon Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, PTFE, Nitrile Rubber, Leather
Approximate 10 kg

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