Mini Fire-Ball 225 Pumps

The Mini Fire-Ball 225 is an engineered design with fewer moving parts, which means less wear out, and reduced downtime and more profit for your business.

  • 50:1 ratio allows grease to be pumped up to NLGI #2
  • Available for 35 lb (16 kg), 120 lb (55 kg) and 400 lb (180 kg) containers
  • 3:1 ratio for petroleum and synthetic-based oils
  • Double acting pump provides continous flow operation
  • Rugged inlet cage withstands demanding shop environments
  • Full line of stationary and portable package configurations
50:1 Mini Fire-Ball 225 Grease Pump
Maximum Fluid Working Pressure 58 MPa/580 bar
Maximum Air Inlet Pressure 1.0 MPa/10 bar
Ratio 50:1
Pump Cycles 130/.45 kg
Maximum recommended pump speed 100 cycles/min
Recommended pump speed for continuous operation 60 cycles/min
Maximum Delivery 0.25 kg/min at 60 cycles/min
Stroke Length 50.8 mm
Maximum Pump Operating Temperature 54 °C
Air Inlet Size 3/8 npt (f)
Fluid Outlet Size 1/4 npt (f)
Wetted Parts Carbon steel; zinc plating; brass; polyurethane; ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene; Buna-N
Sound Pressure Level (measured 1 meter from unit) 77.8 db(A) @ 140 psi, 100 cpm
Sound Power Level (tested in accordance with ISO 9614–2) 85.6 dB(A) @ 140 psi, 100 cpm
Approximate Weight 6.8 kg

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