Graco SaniSpray HP 20

The SARS-CoV-2 (CoVid-19) significantly changed how businesses run things and it forces businesses to be agile in combating the overwhelming requirements to mobilise operations, stabilise revenue, and return to work. To sustain businesses, a new environment with stringent strategies are needed which basically starts on the protection of customers, employees, and the community. Graco acknowledges the need for businesses, hence, the introduction of Graco airless sprayer, SaniSpray HP, a breakthrough solution to meet these growing needs.

Graco SaniSpray HP 20 model is your ultimate disinfectant sprayer with up to 591 ml (20 oz) per minute best for use with 56 litres (15 gallons) or less weekly. Available in both cordless and corded handheld sprayer, this is designed to deliver consistent edge-to-edge coverage, without heavy drips and runs, to assist you to achieve specified disinfectant dwell times on smaller jobs like bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

For your convenience, Graco HP 20 gives you the freedom to choose between the Graco spray gun cordless and Graco spray gun corded disinfectant sprayer depending on your needs and disinfecting techniques. The SaniSpray HP 20 Corded Handheld Airless Spray has a 220V corded power source versus the SaniSpray HP 20 Cordless Handheld Airless sprayer which is powered by 18V of DEWALT Lithium-Ion Batteries.

SaniSpray HP 20 Corded Handheld Airless Sprayer

SaniSpray HP 20 Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayer

Both variants can accommodate an adjustable particle size from fine mist to coarse spray with the following features:

Finish Disinfecting Small Jobs Faster

Best fit with areas that require maximum portability, the SaniSpray HP 20 leads to a faster disinfecting task with the minimum effort.

Fill & Spray with Flexliner Bag System

Get the job done right away by spraying to any direction even upside down. With the 1,242 ml (42 oz) flexliner bag system, you can easily move from room to room.

Adjustable Flow, Control on your Own

This SaniSpray HP has an adjustable flow control where you can control it on your own to deliver complete coverage on specific objects or whenever you want fine spray within an area.

Triax Triple Piston Pump

The full tip support makes the SaniSpray HP 20 the most durable, lightest weight pump available with a durable carbide piston built to deliver extended reliability.

Brushless DC Motor

Featured with a dependable brushless motor with spark-free operation provides specifically designed capability to spray alcohol-based chemicals which are highly flammable.

Ready to Spray

Comes with a very user-friendly design that includes everything you need – just add disinfectant and get started with disinfecting and cleaning.

We want everyone to feel safe and keep abrupt with the new normal by taking no risk to get someone sick with improper sanitation or cleaning – get the right Graco SaniSpray HP for you, contact us and we’ll help you decide what product to choose to get going with your disinfection and sanitation needs.


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