Custom fit your system with Graco’s adjustable GL-1 series grease injectors. Designed to meet the needs of each lube point, these precision-honed systems provide years of reliable operation in the harshest operating environments.

Choose between the standard GL-1 or GL-1 HCP (High Corrosion Protection) models or for heavier duty applications that require higher output select between the GL-1 X or GL-1 XL.



  • The GL-1, GL-1 HCP, GL-1 X, and GL-1 XL injectors are offered both as a stand-alone and a replacement injector for manifold systems for easy customization to a variety of applications.
  • Includes an adjustable hex head nut to make adjusting the ouput simple.
  • No vent holes and fully enclosed press fittings to prevent leaking lubricant.
  • Convenient top-mounted cycle pin indicator for quick confirmation that the injector is functioning properly.
  • Rugged, single piece uni-body design built for the harshest environments.


  • Construction Equipment – Maintenance
  • Wind Power – Lubrication
  • Upstream Production Equipment for Oil and Gas
  • Heavy Equipment – Maintenance
  • Forestry Equipment


  • Fluid Grease
  • Grease NLGI #000
  • Grease NLGI #00
  • Grease NLGI #0
  • Grease NLGI #1
  • Grease NLGI #2




  • Single Line Parallel Lubrication


Graco GL Series Injectors
Automatic Lubrication Systems

Graco quality provides consistent performance in rugged environments.

  • Higher operating pressure to grease point
  • No vent holes to leak lubricant
  • Fully-enclosed press fittings
Model GL-1 GL-1 X GL-1 XL GL-11
Maximum Operating Pressure 3,500 psi (421 bar) 6,000 psi (414 bar) 6,000 psi (414 bar) 3,500 psi (241 bar)
Minimum operating pressure 1,850 psi (128 bar) 1,850 psi (128 bar) 1,850 psi (69 bar) 600 psi (41 bar)
Reset pressure 600 psi (41 bar) 1,000 psi (69 bar) 1,000 psi (69 bar) 600 psi (41 bar)
Outcome Volume Per Cycle 0.008-0.08 in3
(0.013-1.31 cc)
0.015-0.08 in3
(0.25-1.31 cc)
0.035-0.305 in3
(0.57-5.0 cc)
0.05-0.05 in3
(0.082-8.2 cc)


Series 1 Carbon Steel (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
81770-1 114901 GL1, 1-Injector Manifold
81770-2 114902 GL1, 2-Injector Manifold
81770-3 114903 GL1, 3-Injector Manifold
81770-4 114904 GL1, 4-Injector Manifold
81770-5 114905 GL1, 5-Injector Manifold
81770-6 117206 GL1, 6-Injector Manifold
81713A 114909 GL1, Replacement Injector
81646 115120 Connector Tube (crossport)
83272 115119 Injector Cap
241234 GL1 Rebuild Kit
Series 1 High Corrosion Protection (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
24X401 GL1 HCP, 1-Injector Manifold
24X402 GL1 HCP, 2-Injector Manifold
24X403 GL1 HCP, 3-Injector Manifold
24X404 GL1 HCP, 4-Injector Manifold
24X405 GL1 HCP, 5-Injector Marifold
24X406 GL1 HCP, 6-Injector Marifold
24X153 GL1 HCP, Replacement Injector
Series 1 X Carbon Steel (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
85770-1 24X801 GL1 X, 1-Injector with Manifold
85770-2 24X802 GL1 X, 2-Injector with Manifold
85770-3 24X803 GL1 X, 3-Injector with Manifold
85770-4 24X804 GL1 X, 4-Injector with Manifold
85770-5 24X805 GL1 X, 5-Injector with Manifold
85770-6 24X806 GL1 X, 6-Injector with Manifold
85771 24X807 GL1 X Replacement Injector
115120 Connector tube (crossport)
115119 Injector Cap
Series 1 XL Carbon Steel (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
85780-1 24X811 GL1 XL, 1-Injector with Manifold
85780-2 24X812 GL1 XL, 2-Injector with Manigold
85780-3 24X813 GL1 XL, 3-Injector with Manigold
85780-4 24X814 GL1 XL, 4-Injector with Manigold
85780-5 24X815 GL1 XL, 5-Injector with Manigold
85780-6 24X816 GL1 XL, 6-Injector with Manigold
85781 24X817 GL1 XL Replacement Injector
115120 Connector Tube (crossport)
25A087 Injector Cap
Series 11 Carbon Steel (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
85497 24A918 GL11 Single Injector
24B359 GL11 Rebuild Kit
Series 32 Carbon Steel (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
83336-1 24A921 GL32, 1-Injector with manifold
83336-2 24A922 GL32, 2-Injector with manifold
83336-3 24A923 GL32, 3-Injector with manifold
83336-4 24A924 GL32, 4-Injector with manifold
83338 24A919 GL32 Stand alone injector w/o manifold
83337 24A920 GL32 Replacement injector
24B360 GL32 Repair Kit
Series 33 Carbon Steel (Grease)
Competitor Graco Description
83309-1 24W401 GL33, 1-Injector with Manifold
83309-2 24W402 GL33, 2-Injector with Manifold
83309-3 24W403 GL33, 3-Injector with Manifold
83309-4 24W404 GL33, 4-Injector with Manifold
83309-5 24X302 GL33, 5-Injector with Manifold
83309-6 24W405 GL33, 6-Injector with Manifold
24W406 GL33, 9-Injector with Manifold
24W407 GL33, 10-Injector with Manifold
24W408 GL33, 15-Injector with Manifold
24W487 GL33, Stand alone injector w/o Manifold
83314 24W483 GL33 Replacement Injector
24W913 GL33 Repair Kit
Series 42 Carbon Steel (Oil)
Competitor Graco Description
83311-1 24W801 GL42, 1-Injector with Manifold
83311-2 24W802 GL42, 2-Injector with Manifold
83311-3 24W803 GL42, 3-Injector with Manifold
83311-4 24W804 GL42, 4-Injector with Manifold
83311-5 24X306 GL42, 5-Injector with Manifold
83311-6 24W805 GL42, 6-Injector with Manifold
24W806 GL42, 9-Injector with Manifold
83311-10 24W807 GL42, 10-Injector with Manifold
83311-15 24W808 GL42, 15-Injector with Manifold
24W493 GL42, Stand-alone Injector w/o Manifold
83313 24W491 Replacement Injector
24W915 GL42 Repair Kit, Carbon Steel
Series 43 Carbon Steel (Oil)
Competitor Graco Description
83661-1 24E241 GL42, 1-Injector with Manifold
83661-2 24E242 GL43, 2-Injector with Manifold
83661-3 24E243 GL43, 3-Injector with Manifold
83661-4 24E244 GL43, 4-Injector with Manifold
24E240 GL42, Stand-alone Injector w/o Manifold
83660 24E245 GL43 Replacement Injector
24F201 GL43 Repair Kit


  • 0.050-0.500 in3 (0.82-8.2 cm3)


Graco Competitor
Number of Injectors GL-11 SL-11
1 24A918 85497
0.008-0.08 in3 (0.13-1.31 cm3)
0.015-0.08 in3 (0.25-1.31 cm3)
0.035-0.305 in3 (0.57-5.0 cm3)
Graco Competitor Graco Competitor Graco Competitor
Number of Injectors GL-1 SL-1 GL-1X SL-V GL-1 XL SL-V XL
1 114901 81770-1 24X801 85770-1 24X811 85780-1
2 114902 81770-2 24X802 85770-2 24X812 85780-2
3 114903 81770-3 24X803 85770-3 24X813 85780-3
4 114904 81770-4 24X804 85770-4 24X814 85780-5
5 114905 81770-5 24X805 85770-5 24X815 85780-5
6 117206 N/A 24X806 85770-6 24X816 85780-6
Standalone N/A 81713 N/A 85772 N/A 85782
Replacement 114909 81713A 24X807 85771 24X817 85781

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