Polydos Preparation System

Any solution you need for water pumping needs for any climate and conditions – Grundfos products are here for you. With the Grundfos Polydos preparation systems, preparation of solution from dry or concentrated liquid polymers will never be as easy as it will be.

The flexible, robust, and economic Polydos preparation and dosing system is a fully automatic system that will help you achieved the concentration of the final solution by mixing the polymer with intake water.

Grundfos is a pump company that connects millions and millions of people every day by helping them move water where it is supposed to go. Grundfos also engineers product for special designs for all customers, it can also supply solutions for the preparation of dry chemicals and use them with the Polydos preparation systems. At All Pumps Sales & Services, we are ready to serve and assist you with what you nee

How does it Works?

Polymer/PAM solution in water treatment processes is used as a flocculation and coagulation agent, these are usually in powder form that needs to be prepared. Prepared polymers are used to achieve coagulation and flocculation as a means to particle removal in both drinking water and wastewater treatment – the Polydos fully automatic system does the work of preparation and dosing for you.

The Polydos product is a range of simple and flexible as well as economic and efficient preparation systems for polymers. The product range cover from 1 to 3 chamber systems and associated dosing stations for both dry and liquid polymers.

The systems are equipped with precise water and level material to secure the efficient and economic operation of systems.


The Polydos preparation system is the best suited for your commercial and municipal water disinfection, drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, process and circulation water treatment, pulp and paper, power plants. Where water flows, Polydos got you covered with your preparations.


Polydos Preparation & Dosing Systems

Polydos Data Book

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Features and Benefits

Innovation and sustainability is at the core of every Grundfos product. Providing drinking water for the smallest villages and the highest skyscrapers, treating and removing wastewater and bringing heat and comfort to the world – or cool it down if needed. Polydos preparation system for polymers are fully customizable to match the application and customer needs, i.e. volume of polymers in kilogram per hour or concentration of polymers in the prepared solution or ripening time.

We completely offer our service to you. Installation. Operation. Replacement. Spare Parts.

  • Jet mixer: Ensures perfectly homogeneous dilution of concentrated polymer
  • Accurate contact water meter: Exact concentration of the solution
  • Flexibility in-tank material: Design for application
  • Broad accessory range: Design for application
  • Device position flexibility: Flexible installation
  • Profibus-DP, Modbus, Ethernet: Flexible integration into central controls
  • Contactless ultrasonic sensor for continuous level control in dosing chamber: Reliable automatic process
  • Strong integration with post-preparation equipment, incl. dosing stations: Easy configuration and commissioning
  • Ability to engineer-to-order: Customers get custom-tailored solutions

Why is Polydos better than batching system?

Smaller footprint with space-saving design

More accurate average maturation time

Less reserve polymer is needed

Easier to manage and service


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