Tsurumi is making its submersible dewatering pumps more energized and powerful for the mining industry. The KTV series is now available in 1000v model to withstand the demanding pumping conditions on mining sites. 

Pump Design and Features 

The KTV-series features an advanced three-phase drainage design that supports higher flow rate up to 6500 L/min and head up to 200 m. This portable submersible pump was made lightweight for easier mobility without sacrificing its performance. In fact, the 1000v configuration generates 11-110 KW of power to make the pump more capable of conveying difficult fluids that are often found not just in the mining industry but also on construction sites. 

The top discharge side flow design allows more efficient motor cooling, preventing risks of failure and downtime. In turn, the motor has the ability to automatically cut power during overcurrent or extended dry running and self-restarts when it already cooled down. 

Another original from Tsurumi, the 1000v series has features to maximize the pump’s life. They included an antiwicking cable entry to prevent water from entering inside the motor in case the power lead gives in. 

Finally, the Tsurumi KTV 1000v pumps are equipped with dual silicon carbide mechanical seals that are isolated in the oil chamber to lubricate the faces of the seal, preventing corrosion and abrasion. In addition, the patented Oil Lifter can be seen in this model, which accounts for Tsurumi’s excellent seal lubrication and cooling. All these go beyond the standard seal design, making Tsurumi KTV 1000v and other ranges longer lasting and more reliable. 

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